Champagne Diamond Rings: A Unique Sparkle In Jewelry


A Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Caring for Champagne Diamond Rings

Champagne diamonds are one of the most popular colored diamonds available. Champagne diamonds have a pleasant, golden hue that lends them a distinguished and elegant appearance.

As an alternative to traditional white diamonds for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces, they are gaining popularity.

We’ll discuss the characteristics of champagne diamonds, how to select and care for a champagne diamond ring, as well as some gift suggestions for champagne diamond rings.

Do you associate champagne diamond rings with dinner parties and moyet?

Well you aren’t off. They are truly unique offerings of nature.

A little history about champagne diamonds.champagne diamond ring with side stones

The majority of these colored diamonds are found in the North West region of Australia called Kimberly within which lie pipes of lamporite diamond-bearing ore.

Diamonds were found there in October 1979 & thus was founded the largest diamond mine in the world the Argyle Mine.

It produces the largest volume of diamonds in the world over 600 million carats by 1985.

That’s a lot of diamonds!!

Unfortunately, only 5% of these stones are gem quality while the average of other mines is 20% gem quality production.

Even quality-enhanced or treated champagne diamonds are rare; so when you wear champagne diamond rings you are wearing a unique piece of jewelry.

The Argyle mine produces over 95% of Champagne-colored diamonds & they have developed a color grading scale that is used by majority of gemologists today.

Champagne diamonds range from light straw color to deep rich cognac color.

The Argyle color grading scale for champagne diamonds is as follows:

C1 – C2 = Light Champagne C3 – C4 = Medium champagne C5 – C6 = Dark Champagne C7 = Fancy Cognac.

Round champagne diamondOkay slow down now!! Its getting exciting but we need to know what causes of color variation in diamonds.

The first is due to some type of foreign element.

The element responsible for yellow or orange coloration is Nitrogen.

When Boron is the element responsible, the diamond color will be blue in color.

The second cause of variation in colored diamonds is Natural Radiation which causes Green color.

The diamonds described above are considered type 1 diamonds.

There are type 2 diamonds.

They get their coloration due to structural anomalies caused by plastic deformation (the crystal structure is unstable) during the crystal growth.

The intense pressure leads to the formation of brown, red , pink & champagne diamonds which are made in to champagne diamond rings.

Most of the Argyle mines diamond production are of type 2 variety.

They are usually grey or a steely blue due to scattered boron within the crystal.

The Selection of Champagne Diamond Rings

When selecting champagne diamond rings, a number of factors must be considered. The design of the ring will be one of the initial decisions you must make.

Champagne diamonds can be set in numerous designs, such as solitaire, halo, pave, and three-stone. The diamond is the focal point of solitaire rings, whereas halo and pave rings use lesser diamonds to accentuate the appearance of the center stone.

Three-stone rings include a champagne diamond in the center and two white diamonds on either side.

A further consideration is the ring’s metal. Champagne diamonds appear exquisite in a variety of metals, such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

Because the choice of metal can impact the overall appearance of the ring, it is crucial to select a metal that complements the champagne diamond.

Lastly, you must determine whether or not you want additional accent stones in the jewelry. White diamonds are frequently used as accent stones because they contrast wonderfully with the champagne diamond’s pleasant golden hue.

To add a splash of color to the ring, colored gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds can be used as accent stones.

The neutral, earthy & subtle tones of champagne diamonds make them perfect for contemporary jewelry & mens diamond rings and jewelry.

They make perfect gifts for a fathers day gift.

They complement perfectly with pearls, white diamonds & precious metals such as yellow gold, white, platinum & silver.champagne diamond rings

Champagne diamonds & jewelry have inspired designers with their versatility & glamour.

Celebrities & royalty are captivated by the stunning beauty of these diamonds.

Are champagne diamonds cheap? No!

Like for like compared with a normal diamond, champagne diamonds are more expensive.

Don’t let that stop you though as they are affordable champagne rings available.

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