Make A Bold Statement With A Red Diamond Ring

Find Your Passion With A Red Diamond Ring

A red diamond ring is by far the rarest of all fancy diamond rings.

Red diamonds are found in only a few locations around the world, including Australia, Brazil, and Africa. The largest producer of red diamonds is the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. This mine is also the largest producer of pink diamonds in the world.

Solitaire red diamond ring

These diamonds are made of pure carbon with no impurities. Diamond experts believe that the lattice defect in the diamond that shows stress lamination during its formation is the cause of the red color.

As light passes through the deformed internal structure, light bending exhibits the red color.

Given different sources and amounts of light passing through, red diamonds exhibit different colors. Red diamonds shine the brightest under natural daylight, and appear much darker and duller

Fewer than 20 stones have so far been certified as red fancy diamonds.

This doesn’t mean that many more haven’t been found, they have but did not go through the certification process.

This means they were most probably smuggled from the country they were mined in and sold to collectors or high end jewelers.

Being professionals, they do not necessarily require a certificate to know if a diamond is a fake red diamond or not.

A diamond certificate from a credible Institution enables consumers to know for sure that the diamond they are buying is the diamond they are getting.

It’s important to note that their not being certified did not make them any cheaper.

However, the occurrence of red fancy diamonds is so rare that most jewelers have never seen one.

Now that’s rare!

Red diamonds are also important in determining their value. The most valuable red diamonds are those with pure red color, without secondary hues of brown or orange. Red diamonds with secondary hues are still valuable, but their value decreases as the secondary hue becomes more pronounced.

The Cut of Red Diamonds

The cut of a diamond can greatly affect its value and beauty, and this is especially true for red diamonds. Red diamonds must be carefully chosen to maximize their color and brilliance.

Because of red diamond rarity, most are cut into fancy shapes, such as a heart or a pear shape.

This is to maximize their value. The shape of a red diamond can also affect its color, as different shapes reflect light differently and can either enhance or detract from the diamond’s red color.

How much do they cost

The fact that they are rare is evident in the price tag.

A 1 carat red fancy diamond will fetch up to $1,000,000 per carat; WHAT?

Yes; collectors and investors are willing to pay such huge sums as diamonds rarely if ever drop in price.

If anything, the price goes up over time!

So if you have a million dollars to spare, investing in a red fancy diamond could be the way to go.

As far as ring meOval red diamond ring with side stonestal is concerned, a red fancy can be set in either gold, platinum or even pink gold if you’re going to present it to a lady or are totally in touch with you feminine side.

Gold is a more subtle metal as the contrast between platinum and red is quite loud but who’s counting?

When you wear a red fancy diamond ring, stand tall and flaunt it.

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