How To Buy Diamonds, A Step By Step Guide

The A-Z of how to buy diamonds

The actual process of going to buy diamonds can be a joy or it can stress you out; allow me to make it a pleasure.

You’ve been out and about shopping when; you catch your breath & your pulse quickens.

You have finally found it…the perfect diamond ring.
Its simply elegant.

As you buy diamonds, consider this round shaped stone

It oozes style, class and you can already picture it flashing on your finger.

You reach in to your wallet to whip out your card to pay for it.

Before you go buying your ring, take a deep breath exhale & step back.

A little patience is called for…do not rush.

Getting some knowledge on how to buy rings will not only save you money but ensure you get value for your money.

It will be time well spent.

Top tips!

i) Make a budget
Don?t go shopping for diamonds without having decided how much you want to spend.

You might end up in financial ‘pain’ as opposed to the pleasure of owning a ring.

ii) Get the best value for your money

When you do buy diamonds, its good to be sure that the ring you purchase is worth what you pay for it i.e. don’t pay $3,000 for a ring worth $2,300. How do you do this? Read on?

iii) Learn the 5 C?s

Learn all about Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity and Certification.

v) Choose your diamond ring settings wisely

To maintain the value & beauty of a diamond, don’t have it set in claws.

Claws offer little protection to the girdle or neck of a diamond…risking damage such as chipping or cleavage breaking in half)

v) Select the right material for your setting

a) White gold or platinum diamond settings not only enhance the color of the diamond but also make it appear bigger.

Yellow or red gold settings makes the diamond look slightly smaller.

The diamond also picks up the color from the gold surrounding it?..causing it to look ‘off white’ as opposed to white.

b) The exception
To make an off-white or slightly tinted diamond appear colorless, set it in yellow gold.

Platinum or white gold will make the low color of the diamond more obvious.

vi) Shape and length of finger

If you have short fingers, opt for a ring with a narrower shank.
A thinner band will look much better on you..and make sure the ring fits.

Other ways to buy & sell

Clearance Rings
Save loads of money, buy at clearance

Diamond rings for sale
Find out why you should watch your step before you whip out your credit card

Used Rings
It might sound like a good idea but are used rings a worthy buy?

Diamond Exchange
Can i change my ring at an exchange

Sell Rings
How to come out on top when you sell your ring

vii) Fitting rings

As men buy diamonds, this square shaped rings is a beauty

It might sound rather obvious, but I have lost a few rings because the fit was wrong.

I kept moving them from finger to finger and eventually left them somewhere.

I now have rings that fit so well I have to check whether am still wearing them; that’s the feel you want to aim for.

Moral of the story, get the Right Ring Size when you buy you rings.

Viii) Store Lighting

Be very careful of rings displayed under high powered Halogen Lights.

They are strategically positioned inside the diamond showcases as well as over the counter tops.

These high intensity lights make all of the loose diamonds & the rings look sparkly and brilliant, you might buy diamonds based on this effect, only to be severely disappointed when you look at it under natural light.

The halogen lights hide dirt & the true color of the diamond.
These are often in the wholesale rings section marked as ‘Final Sale’ only.

How stressful is it to buy diamonds that can?t be returned in case you are unhappy with them?

Ask to view the diamond or diamond ring under a Daylight Lamp which mimic daylight if you can’t see it in natural daylight.

IX) Laser drilling

About 1 in 3 diamonds in the United States is laser drilled.

Unethical dealers use lasers to drill tiny holes into the diamond to burn off large black carbon inclusions & make the stone look cleaner.

Be extra careful when you buy your rings that have been Laser drilled as this drilling can make the diamond more fragile to breaking if given a good knock; accidentally or otherwise.

Good dealers declare laser-drilled stones & sell them for much less.

A Professional Eye

X) Hiding flaws

Almost all jewelers hides flaws under the prongs of a ring if they can.

In many cases, this can improve the clarity of a diamond from a SI to a VS2 if you look at it in a ring setting.
This will increase the price drastically.

Structural flaws like feathers and cleavages can damage the diamond due to the pressure exerted on the stone by the ring prongs.

If you keep in mind the information given above as you buy your rings, you will never go wrong.

Now that you’ve learn’t the tips above, you are ready to buy engagement rings.

It can be tricky to buy diamonds online since you don’t know the companies and how good their offers really are.

How do you purchase from the right company?

  • Do consider buying your rings from a company that has been in the business for over 10 years.
  • Have confidence in a company that is run by people who are Passionate about diamonds and are not just in it for your money. As you buy diamonds, this round shaped ring with amazing detail is a keeper
  • Enjoy the security of knowing that their website is protected by Thawte to ensure No One can steal your credit card information.
  • Put your trust in a company that actually stocks diamonds and rings & aren’t brokers or middle men.

These brokers spend huge amounts of money on advertising and get it back by charging you more money than you should actually be paying for your ring.

  • Buy from a company that has numerous testimonials from buyers just like yourself who have gone before you and share their experiences with you.
  • To get variety, quality and value for your money, buy your engagement diamond rings from any of the companies below and have peace of mind.

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