Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Take pink to the next level, invest in pink diamond engagement rings

Getting pink diamond engagement rings was sort of a needle in the haystack affair, simply because they were rare.

On average, for everyA pink diamond engagement ring with accent stones 10,000 carats of diamond mined, only one carat will be a fancy colored diamond.

The pink color in pink stones is due to Manganese?inclusions within the diamond?same as in red diamonds.

Natural pink fancies have long been regarded as a no go area & reserved only for diamond collectors.

The Argyle mine is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume, although due to the low proportion of gem-quality diamonds it is set to close by 2020.

It is the only known significant source of pink and red diamonds, producing over 90% of the worlds pink fancies.

Pink diamonds also occur in Angola, the DRC and Sierra Leone but in very small quantities.

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings: A Brief History

The history of pink gemstones dates back centuries.

Some of the most renowned pink diamond engagement rings belonged to nobility, such as the Williamson Pink Diamond, which was a wedding present to Queen Elizabeth II.

In Hollywood, pink diamonds have also been used for engagement jewelry.

In 2002, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a magnificent 8.50 carat pink diamond engagement ring, sparking a trend for pink diamond engagement rings.

Pink diamond engagement rings have grown in popularity in recent years among couples seeking distinctive and uncommon engagement ring options.

Pink Diamonds as an Option for Engagement Rings

Due to their rarity and attractiveness, pink diamonds are a highly coveted option for engagement jewelry. The significance of the symbolism of the color pink includes love, romance, and femininity.

Pink diamond engagement rings are an uncommon and unique option for couples who wish to express their love in a unique manner.

This choice distinguishes them from the conventional white diamond engagement rings and adds a touch of individuality and uniqueness to the occasion.

This rarity plus the gradual increase in demand has made them a regular feature at diamond auctions?where the prices have soared over the years.

Also, major sources of supply for colored diamonds are expected to decrease over the next decade.

This being at a time when demand is expected to rise thus pushing prices even higher.

In June 2005, a 3.10 ct fancy vivid purplish pink fancy diamond brought $592,129 per carat at auction.

pink diamond In October of the same year, the 25.02 ct Pear-shaped Rose of Dubai fetched more than $6 million.

These would make a pink diamond engagement ring to brag about!

Pink fancies are best set in pink gold.

Pink gold you ask? Does it exist? No it doesn?t!!?..Not naturally anyway.

However, there are gold alloys which appear pink.

This is done by increasing the amount of copper in the mixture and decreasing the silver.

A ?Pink Gold? setting will enhance the color of the pink fancy diamond while giving it a softer look.

Round shaped pink diamond engagement ringsThey can also be set in platinum to really show them off & offered as pink diamond engagement rings.

Even though the prices mentioned above are high, being able to get fancy pink diamond engagement rings is very possible; due to the Argyle mines mentioned above.

They mine pink fancies below one carat and the diamonds with lower clarity are quite affordable…so keep the dream alive, there is a variety of pink rings to choose from.

Pink diamond engagement ring maintenance

To keep pink diamond engagement rings looking their best, they need to be cleaned and maintained often. 

When not being worn, the ring must be kept in a secure location to prevent scuffs and damage.

For engagement rings with pink diamonds, insurance is also advised. Due to their rarity and high value, pink diamonds are frequently stolen or lost.

Insurance will safeguard your investment and provide you with reassurance that your ring is insured in the event of any unlucky events.


Pink diamond engagement rings are a distinctive and uncommon option that stands for passion and love.

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