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Hi, my name is Tony, and welcome to my site.about meWow, it still sounds strange saying that….more on that later!

A bit about myself. I live in Kenya in East Africa.

Our little corner of Africa has become really popular since President Obama was elected president of the USA & the world found out his dad was Kenyan!

I consider myself fortunate to have attended University in the UK and that is where I was introduced to the internet some 10 years ago.

Initially, I used the net to do research for my college assignments but being an entrepreneur at heart, I began to wonder how I could use it to supplement my student income.

I studied mechanical engineering & the workload made in impossible for me to do anything business-related with the net.

I shelved my plans and focused on my studies.

After graduating, I came back home to Kenya (it’s in East Africa for those of you who are wondering) and tried to get a job. Well lo and behold, I couldn’t get one.

Companies said I was overqualified and they couldn’t afford me!

I was disappointed but am a fighter and after brainstorming about what to do with my non-existent income, I came across Site Build It on the net.

I did research on them for 1 Year; yes 1 solid year, okay, truth be told, I also didn’t have the money to pay for the subscription at the time.

Let me save you the time & worry, they are the real deal!

Without them, I would have had no idea how to start an internet business.

I also thought the money they were asking for was a lot until I found out what the package came with.

SBI gives you a complete training program on how to build a site from scratch, how to market it & get free visitors (you don’t pay Google. In fact, Google ends up paying you.

You are shown how to turn a hobby or anything you are really good at into a possible business; step by step.

To cut a long story short, I paid the $299 (I admit I was still nervous when I made my first payment) and began what has been a fascinating journey for me.

I mentioned at the beginning that it sounds strange that I have a web business, well from my background, you can now understand.

I have been running this site for about 10 years and my site and I’m currently ranked No. 3 for Diamond Rings Info.

I have met some of the most selfless people on planet earth in the SBI forums (you have to be a member to participate)

They reviewed my site for free and one of them took the time to write a whole page on why I should change how I had written my site; after reading what he wrote, I changed it & am glad I did.

There are experts in Web design, marketing, graphic design, etc ready & willing to help.

Never in my time online have I ever met such people.

Why do they do it? Their motto is Pay It Forward They help so that they can be helped in the future or are paying back the help they received in the past.

This forum alone is worth the entire $ 299 per year.

Why am I telling you all this? I have benefited greatly from my site and am Paying It Forward.

If you are tired of your 9-5 pm job, would like to work from home, know nothing about HTML, PHP, CSS, WordPress, or coding, don’t have the time to learn, and want an extra source of income or are unemployed, consider SBI.

You owe it to yourself to consider it. Your life could be very different this time next year.. & for the better!!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

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