Rough Diamond

From Africa with love….rough diamond sources

You can hardly imagine that a rough diamond will end up giving you a brilliant fiery gem.

A diamond in the rough is nothing to write home about.

This is the raw material from which you get your cut diamonds.

Colored rough diamonds

To the layman, they look like a piece of smooth glass & many are they who have lost money trying to buy rough stones.

It is both a skill and an art……leave that to the experts!!

Diamonds occur naturally in very few locations on earth.

Approximately 90% of all diamond jewelry, including diamond engagement rings, mens diamond rings and wedding diamond rings are made from diamonds mined in….Angola, South Africa, Namibia, DRC & Sierra Leone.

As can be seen, Africa has the biggest diamond reserves in the world hence the woes its’ always in and also the origins of blood diamonds.

This is where diamonds have been used to fund wars and revolutions; being used as money in exchange for guns and ammunition.

A huge rough diamondAustralia, South America, Canada and Russia make up the rest of the major diamond producing countries.

These diamonds are a source of income to many people in Africa and the West.

These include the miners both small and

large scale, the governments where the mining is done as they tax the mining companies.

The cutting centers both local and international where the rough stones
are turned in to the cut diamonds most of us are used to seeing.

The wholesalers and retailers in this diamond chain also benefit
and they are the ones mainly responsible for ensuring the cut diamonds & diamond rings end up Low quality rough diamondsbefore our eyes.

This could be online or in jewelers all across the country.

If properly controlled and monitored, they are a valuable resource which mostly brings joy & financial gain to a lot of

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