Platinum Diamond Rings

Platinum diamond rings are at the top of the class…

Platinum diamond rings are some of the most popular rings in the World but before we look at why, a little history lesson.

The first known example of platinum goes back to prehistoric times in South America where a small head statue is known to have been shaped out of the metal.Made with one of the most expensive metals, platinum diamond engagement rings

English physician William Hyde Wollaston obtained the first pure sample in 1801 and his methods still form the basis of the techniques which produce platinum today.

The largest deposits ever found were in South Africa in 1924 by German geologist Hans Merensky.

You are faced with a tough decision. Either opt for gold rings or a Platinum ring.

Thing is, you need to know the facts about platinum & gold to make an informed decision.

* Platinum is harder & stronger than gold.

* Platinum is almost twice the price of gold.

* Platinum is 60% denser than gold thus heavier.

* Platinum jewelry including yours is most often 85% pure compared to only 75% for 18 carat gold.

* Platinum jewelry is non-allergenic & doesn’t react with all skin types.

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* Platinum will scratch less than gold but still needs to be well taken care of.

* Your platinum diamond rings requires a higher level of craftsmanship and requires great skill to work them.

* Platinum settings show off white diamonds best while yellow gold on the other hand tends to reflect its color in white diamonds.

* Platinum ore & diamond pipes (in which rough diamonds are mined) are found in the same region. A rare and unique connection.platinum diamond engagement rings should have FTC markings on them

* Look for the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) approved markings on platinum engagement rings.

These International standards are; 950 Plat. or 950 Pt… 900 Plat. or 900 Pt… 850 Plat.. or 850 Pt.

Pt stands for; Parts Per Thousand.

If your budget is not a factor, it would be better to opt for a platinum diamond ring.
If money is a bit tight, you can go for the next best thing and get a white gold diamond ring.

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