Gold Diamond Engagement Rings : An Amazing Combination

In yellow or white, gold diamond engagement rings never disappoint

Gold diamond engagement rings are the most common of the precious rings…common in comparison to platinum though.

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A brief history

Gold may have been the first metal used by human beings for rituals and making jewelry.

As it’s written in Egyptian hieroglyphs, King Tushratta who lived around 2600 BC claimed there was more gold than dirt in Egypt.

Gold is also mentioned frequently in the Old Testament of the Bible starting with Genesis.

Point is…Gold has been around for a LONG time!

Due to its strength, scarcity, and classic appeal, it is a preferred metal for gold diamond engagement rings. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are the three primary varieties of gold used in jewelry.

Each has distinct qualities and advantages of its own.

Types of Gold Used in Diamond Rings

Yellow Gold: The most conventional and classic metal used in diamond engagement rings is yellow gold. Its warm golden hue is produced by combining pure gold with additional metals like copper and zinc.

For those who appreciate a classic appearance and wish to highlight the warmth of the metal, yellow gold is an excellent option.

Several skin tones and diamond hues are also complemented by it.

White Gold: For diamond engagement rings, white gold is a well-liked substitute for platinum. It is created by combining white metals like nickel, palladium, or silver with pure gold. White gold is a very popular alloy of normal gold...which by the way is Yellow in color.

Nickel is toxic and reacts with some people but there are Palladium alloys of gold available which are also white in color but more expensive than the Nickel ones.

White gold is less expensive than platinum but has a comparable appearance.

Additionally, since it reflects light more than yellow gold, it gives the diamond the appearance of being brighter.

To keep its sparkling white appearance, it might need to be replated with rhodium on occasion.

Rose Gold: A fashionable and distinctive choice for diamond engagement rings is rose gold. It is created by combining copper with pure gold, giving it a distinctive pinkish tint.

Rose gold has a romantic and vintage vibe and goes well with a variety of skin tones and diamond hues. Copper is a strong metal, making it more durable than yellow or white gold.

For individuals seeking a distinctive and fashionable appearance, rose gold is an excellent option.

Why use gold?

Gold is the most malleable metal know meaning it can be very easily shaped & also very ductile meaning it can be stretched without breaking.

One gram of gold can be beaten in to a square sheet 1 meter sq.

It can also be beaten so thin it becomes translucent.

Pure 24 Carat gold is very soft and since it easily forms alloys, it is mixed with other metals which increases the hardness or creates unique diamond engagement ring with square center stone

This is important when making gold diamond engagement rings due to wear and tear of every day use.

If left as 24K, the rings would bend and maybe any diamonds on the ring would fall of as the gold stretches.

The higher the Gold K the more pure the gold; 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k gold contains more of the Copper or Silver base metals in the alloy.

Due to the malleability of gold and its unique contrast to diamond, combining the two was a natural progression & so gold diamond engagement rings were born.

The yellow color shows off the white color of a well cut diamond amazingly…You can’t help but be drawn to the fire of a well cut diamond sitting on gold setting.

On the other hand, pink rings are shown off in all their glory when set in pink gold.

Buying gold diamond engagement rings

It’s crucial to get gold diamond engagement rings from a reputed jeweler who can provide you a certificate of authenticity and quality.

Look for a shop with a large range of gold diamond engagement rings that specializes in these jewelry.

Additionally, think about things like the jeweler’s return policy and customer service.

Armed with this knowledge, go ahead & buy gold diamond wedding rings with confidence.

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