Why Black Diamond Engagement Rings Are So Special

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The demand for black diamond rings is rising in the fine jewelry industry. While the colorlessness of typical diamonds is treasured, black diamonds provide a distinctive and eye-catching option that sticks out from the crowd.

Black diamond engagement rings – what are they?

As the name implies, the focal point of black diamond engagement rings is a black diamond.

Black diamonds are a special kind of diamond with a distinctive hue and structure.

Contrary to conventional diamonds, which are valued for their lack of color, black diamonds are treasured for their rich, ominous colors.

Black diamonds are created in the same method as ordinary diamonds, but they have a characteristic hue because of microscopic imperfections.

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The black diamond engagement rings we are focusing on are not made from reject diamonds.
Reject diamonds or BOART are normally crushed in to diamond powder to be used in the cutting of other diamonds……they are normal, quality diamonds that happen to be black in color.

The black color in otherwise normal diamonds is not due to trace elements e.g Manganese and Nitrogen found in red and pink diamonds respectively.

Natural black color in diamonds is typically due to minute inclusions such as graphite, pyrite, or hematite, that extend throughout the stone.

Additionally, these diamonds may contain numerous fractures or cleavages that are tainted black or have become black due to graphitization.

It is the concentrations of these intrinsic characteristics that determine the coloration. In actuality, a natural black diamond’s body hue can range from nearly colorless to brown or “olive” green.

Most black diamonds are opaque and have an almost metallic luster. However, some may have a translucent “salt-and-pepper” appearance.

Some diamonds with a black face-up color (looking at the diamond from a birds eye view) may even have a dark brown or dark green body color, when viewed from the side.

Black fancy diamonds are a marvel of nature as they seem to completely absorb light & have a unique brilliance that seems to originate from sheer darkness.

Black diamonds can range in color from an opaque, deep black to a grey tone. A black diamond’s quality is assessed using its color saturation, clarity, and cut.

In order to increase its brightness and light refraction, black diamonds are frequently cut into distinctive shapes like the princess or cushion cut. They can be set in a range of metals, including as platinum, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

The meaning of black diamond jewelry

Black diamonds have a long history of symbolizing power, mystery, and toughness. Because of their distinctive hue and scarcity, they are sometimes referred to as “fancy diamonds”.

According to legend, black diamonds stand for the strength of the night, the mystique of the cosmos, and the dark side of the moon.

Additionally, it can represent a desire to be unique and stand out from the throng.

People who wish to show their personality and make a statement with their jewelry frequently use black diamond rings.

The best black diamond ring to purchase

It is essential to consider the diamond’s color and structure, as well as the band’s design, when selecting black diamond engagement rings.

The diamond’s cut will have an impact on how much light it reflects and sparkles. The black diamond’s overall look might also be impacted by the ring’s setting.

For those of us who are truly adventurous you could consider asking your fiance to look at black rings with the intention of getting one for her.

These rings are currently quite popular as mens diamond rings.Square cut black diamond engagement rings

Black engagement rings look good in Platinum due to the color contrast.

They also go well with yellow and white gold.

Black diamond engagement rings use either cut diamonds or polished ones depending on the quality of the diamond and the target market.

Polished diamonds basically have no facets, they are just shaped and polished to give a smooth surface.

This is only done with low quality stones; however this doesn’t take away from their beauty when placed in a ring setting.

Taking care of rings with black diamond engagement rings

Black diamond engagement rings, like other jewelry, require adequate upkeep to keep them looking their best.

Black diamonds can be more easily damaged than regular diamonds due to the many inclusions & microscopic fractures present in the stone.

When not in use, put your black diamond ring in a safe and secure spot and clean it frequently with a gentle, wet cloth to keep it looking its best.

Where to buy rings with black diamonds

Online shops, physical jewelry stores, and bespoke jewelry designers are just a few places where one may get black diamond rings. It’s crucial to select a reliable retailer when looking for a black diamond ring that can offer you a certificate proving the diamond’s genuineness.

A broad selection of black diamond rings in various designs and settings are available online from merchants including James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brilliant Earth.

Black diamond engagement rings are also available at physical jewelry stores including Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Harry Winston.

Black diamond rings made to order by specialized jewelers may be made specifically to your preferences and style.

You can have greater influence over the design and components of your black diamond ring by working with a bespoke jeweler.

In summary

Black diamond rings provide a distinctive and eye-catching substitute for classic diamond rings.

Black diamonds possess an extraordinary and dramatic attractiveness. Perhaps they are ideal for a couple with such a relationship, which you and your future spouse possess.

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