Yellow Gold Engagement Rings; Rich History

Yellow gold engagement rings have a rich history having been found in some of the world’s oldest excavated sites.

We’ll look at a bit of that gold history, why you should choose yellow gold and how to get the best deals on these rings.yellow gold engagement rings02

There are gold rings that date back to 4,200 BC, yes that is old! This is because gold was one of the first metals to be used as currency around 700 B.C

The gold rings were found in Bulgaria at one of the internationally recognized archeological sites in the world.

It’s in a place called Varna Cemetry or Vana Necropolis in the western industrial zone of Varna.

The site was accidentally discovered in October 1972 by excavator operator Raycho Marinov talking about a fortunate event!

Gold occurs in a virtually pure workable state as an ore. It is relatively easy to mine as it’s either in the sand along rivers as alluvial gold or found in rocks along seams known as lode gold.

This means it is quite easy to smelt i.e. separate from other metals or rock. Its first use was undoubtedly ornamental as seen in treasures discovered over the ages.

It was used in coins, earrings, utensils, and idols by various religions.

Okay, let’s jump into why you should make yellow gold engagement rings your choice.

1) Gold is rare. Due to its limited supply, it retains value very well.

2) Gold does not corrode or tarnish. Your gold engagement ring will not only outlive you but probably your next 7 generations if they don’t lose it.

3) Gold does not depreciate by much. Gold is used to hedge against inflation. Whenever there is inflation, gold is bought in huge quantities to protect the currency in question.

4) Gold is very malleable so if you knock it on surfaces, it won’t break or chip. It may bend but will remain intact.

5) Gold is beautiful. Yellow gold engagement rings will turn heads and if you polish your ring twice a year, the wow effect will always be there.yellow gold engagement rings01

6) Gold can be matched with almost any color gemstone ranging from ruby which is red, Sapphire which comes in blue or yellow, green garnet or emerald which is green, and even diamond which is mainly colorless or white.

7) Since gold occurs in a pure state, it is also quite easy to add other metals to it mostly copper and at times silver.

The reason this occurs is that gold’s malleability or how easy it is to flatten works against it. Pure gold or 24 Karat gold is not used for jewelry as you can easily flatten your ring.

Gold is also very dense. This means that if you compare a dollar-sized piece of iron to an equally sized piece of gold, the gold will feel so much heavier.

You wouldn’t want your gold ring or gold earrings weighing you down, would you?

To work around that, copper which has half the density of gold is mixed with the gold and you get 22 Karat which has 91% gold, or 18 Karat gold which has 75% gold.

14 Karat gold is on the lower scale with 58% gold in it.

How do you get the best deals on your yellow gold engagement rings?

The answer is given above. The higher the amount of gold in a ring, the higher the price.

yellow gold engagement ringsYellow gold engagement rings on their own can be a bit plain and a lot of the time, you’ll find them paired with some of the gemstones I mentioned earlier; the results are beautiful.

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