How To Clean Tungsten Rings

6 Tips On How to clean tungsten rings

Let’s look at tungsten and also how to clean tungsten rings.

Tungsten Carbide is just one of the hardest metals with a mohs hardness of 9 second only to diamond. That is why it is an excellent option as a wedding band.

It is tough, resilient, scratch resisting but it is not damage proof. Even though with a very good upkeep, and care tungsten carbide rings may last much longer in contrast to expensive gold or platinum

Tungsten bands can get damaged gradually from normal wear and tear, if dropped, or struck by a heavy object, or in contact with any chemical.

Unlike pewter or silver, tungsten wedding rings never tarnish and never need polishing or buffing; and unlike gold or platinum, a tungsten ring will not fade or lose its luster as time pass.

For these main reasons it’s quite easy to discover the key reason why tungsten wedding rings have become a preferred choice for wedding bands.

They’re cheap, require only a small amount of clean-up and maintenance, and look just as dazzling as traditional metal bands.

A couple of practical recommendations on how to clean Carbide

Wash the wedding band with water or mild soap solution to recover it to its stunning luster quality that will go on a long time.

1. Utilize tungsten’s water-resistant properties and bathe it in a cup of warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap.

Let the wedding band soak for 15 minutes and dry it out with a cloth.

If the ring still comes out unclean, use a toothbrush to scrub off any dirt build up that still remains.

This should care for any stubborn dirt still clinging to the ring.

Turn on the water and wash it out your ring. Place some of the mild hand soap you are using onto the toothbrush you are going to use.

Then, only clean the wedding ring using the toothbrush. The bristles of the brush are great for entering any grooves, if your band has any.

2. You really should also limit the jewelry’s contact with any chemical. Even though tungsten is relatively a strong metal, it reacts badly to harsh cleaning products, for instance, bleach, chlorine, and ammonia.

The contact with such chemicals may blemish the surface of the ring. Therefore, avoid putting it on while you are swimming or taking a bath.

If your tungsten band came into contact with some of these substance, you should promptly wash out it in a warm water with soap.

Then, rinse it with a tap water again, and put it on the bath towel to air dry. If your wedding ring has been exposed to extreme chemicals or cosmetics, it may tarnish as time goes on.

3. Prevent making use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning products, due to they can cause invisible cracks in your band.

Additionally, Store your tungsten jewelry separately. Tungsten is a quite tough metal.

Although it is scrape resistant, it is also more likely to scrape and break jewelry made from softer metals.

When storing your tungsten jewelry, place it inside its own soft bag and then placed the bag in a secure space.

4. Avoid sharp blows to your tungsten band. Tungsten carbide is ultra-durable but not indestructible, a sharp impact can shatter your wedding band. Care should also be taken not to drop the ring on to a tough surface like concrete from a height

5. Do not deposit your tungsten ring with diamond jewellery. Diamond is just one of the only products (in addition tooling tungsten carbide itself)that may scrape a tungsten carbide band.

6. Alcohol hand sanitizers, lotions and dirt can leave build-up on your wedding ring which might make your ring look like darker. When this happens, simply just clean your all your tungsten wedding rings as directed above while thoroughly wiping the surface areas.

Also avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners how to clean tungsten rings

which may likely cause spotting on the surface area of the wedding band.

It would also be wise to avoid any chlorine treated pools or Jacuzzis’ when wearing your ring. Avoid using jewelry cleaning solutions as they are generally designed for other types of jewelry products.

Follow this tips and you’ll enjoy your carbide ring for a long time to come.


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