Diamond Eternity Rings: Now And Forever

Diamond Eternity Rings as a Celebration of Life’s Milestones

Why diamond eternity rings?

The diamond eternity ring stands for unwavering devotion and affection.

These rings are frequently presented as presents on important days like anniversaries or birthdays or as a token of enduring friendship.

Okay take a deep breath & imagine with me. It’s your 5th wedding anniversary or your wife has just given birth to your second child.

Bevel design diamond eternity rings

She hasn’t been feeling very beautiful as she has put on some extra weight.

Being the loving man that you are & that you love your wife so much, you decide to spoil her and arrange for a day out at a beauty spa for her to be pampered.

You then arrange for a quiet candle light dinner at home.

No kids, no phones just the two of you.

During desert, you present to her an eternity ring with both your names inscribed inside the band.

When you tell her that eternity is too short a time to be together & that she will always be the woman for you.

Not only will your wife feel beautiful & loved, you most probably won’t make it to your bedroom.

Okay hold your horses don’t go off and get a destiny ring just yet.

Let’s look at the different diamond eternity rings available.

There are what are termed as Full eternity rings due to having been designed with stones all around the band as opposed to Half eternity rings which have stones on only across the face of the band.

Because they symbolize the enduring essence of love, the diamonds in eternity rings are frequently of the best quality.

A number of metals, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, can be used to create eternity rings.

To give them a distinctive and custom look, numerous diamond sizes and shapes can be used in their design.

The problem you’d most likely face with full diamond eternity rings is that due to the gems around the band, the ring gets to be quite thick and not practical for everyday wear.

Due to the ring of gemstones, they are also difficult to re-size.

The band restricts the use of large stones as they need to be set end to end.

They also tend to be custom rings so you just can’t pick them off the shelf at your local jeweler.

This presents another problem in that you’ll have to design your destiny ring making it quite pricey.

However, this is not the case with half eternity rings as they only have stones across the face of the band.

You can get them ready done at your jewelers and they are also easier to size.

They are more comfortable & practical to wear and you can get larger stones set on them.

Quite a few women have a preference for half eternity rings as the stones are more visible compared to full eternity rings.

The cut of choice for diamond eternity rings is princess cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds which have square and rectangular shapes are preferred as they can be set end to end around a ring band; as opposed to round cut or cushion cut diamonds.

Other gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies are also used on eternity rings but mostly along with diamonds.

Where do you place a diamond eternity ring?

Eternity rings are usually worn on the same finger as a wedding band.

They can be worn along with an engagement ring or in place of one.

All being said and done, the message & sentiment that diamond eternity rings deliver is the most endearing thing you’ll achieve.

Now that you know this, you can now rush off and shop for an eternity ring.

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