Diamond Belly Button Rings, Beautiful Navel

All eyes on you; diamond belly button rings will get you noticed

I find diamond belly button rings sexy. They draw attention to a woman’s belly which is the cradle of life and very alluring!

Body piercing has been practiced for the last 5,000 years. As it was then, it is used as a means of personal expression and recently, as a fashion trend similar to that of diamond rings.

On the other hand, navel piercing is a relatively modern invention and dates back to the Egyptian Pharos & members of their families who were permitted to pierce their navels.Flower diamond belly button rings

It was a class or status thing and commoners who pierced their navels were put to death.

Its only in very unique circumstances where a common girl was born with a perfect belly button was allowed to have it pierced & therefore elevated social standing.

The navel is now become one of the most popular piercing thus the popularity of diamond belly rings.

Diamond belly button rings are in vogue not only with us regular people but also with celebrities.

Who are some of the celebrities with belly button rings? Well its a pretty impressive list including Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson, Beyonc Knowles, Cassie, Paris Hilton,Christina Milian, Britney Spears and Leighton Meester.

This goes to show the popularity of these rings.

What are the different types of diamond belly rings?

These include; cherry belly rings, cross belly rings, maternity belly rings, opal belly ring, pearl belly ring, rhodium plated belly rings, steel belly button rings and titanium belly button rings.

Some of the more unique belly button rings include; maternity belly rings for pregnant women, spiral belly rings, steel banana belly ring which are made from Anodized Surgical Steel for those with sensitive skin and playboy bunny belly button rings.

Fake belly button rings have also become popular for those without the patience to wait for your belly to heal (you?ll see why as you read on).

They are mainly hoops which you clip on to your navel.titanium belly button rings

You can?t do very vigorous activity since they are only pinching your skin and can easily fall of.

16 gauge belly button rings are in demand. These pieces are a thinner gauge (meaning they require a smaller piercing) than the standard 14-gauge used for most belly button rings.

Although 16-gauge diamond belly button rings are hard to come by, more & more stores are now stocking them.

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Lets now take a closer look at your navel.

Your navel is a depressed scar where your umbilical cord used to be & it tends to collect dirt same as your ears do.

It can get fungal infection when not cleaned regularly even at the best of times.

Once pierced in order to put a belly ring in it, extra care must be taken with cleaning it to prevent serious infections.

If you don’t already have a navel piercing, know that it will take between 3 months to 1 year to heal once pierced due to where it is on your body.

Its the middle of your body which moves a lot, clothes will rub on it & even the detergent you use if harsh can have an effect on it

The healing time depends on your weight, diet, general health, profession (if you move around a lot or not) and how much care you take care of your navel.

One of the ways for you to speed up the healing process is to get barbell style belly rings as they get knocked around less so heal faster.

You can also change them yourself without the need for pliers; which you need to change normal diamond belly button rings piercings.Gold belly button rings

Below are some steps to take to ensure your navel heals well

  • Don’t use scented & harsh soaps. Use a mild antibacterial soap or sea salt and wash your navel twice a day.
  • Make sure to always rotate your belly ring so that your skin doesn’t heal around your ring & tear the inside of the wound when you do move it after a period of time.

This will hurt and can cause you to get an infection.

  • Wash yourself well after heavy exercise or heavy sweating as sweat is acidic and will irritate the raw skin on your navel when its healing.

Use a small amount of tea tree oil which is anti-bacterial as a lubricating agent to keep the belly ring moving & reduce the inflammation or rawness.

  • Avoid wearing any tight clothes which can rub against your belly button rings & cause irritation.

Wear natural fibers as much as possible & also clothes which will aerate your belly as much as possible.

This will enable your belly to get sunlight which helps dry the skin & helps you produce Vitamin D which promotes healing in your body.

  • When you get pregnant, you have several options to follow. You can either remove your diamond belly button ring & put it back after you give birth.

The down side to that is the belly ring hole will close.

You could also keep it until your sixth month when you can remove the belly ring and put a piece of fishing line your ring hole to keep the hole open.diamond belly button rings

The other option though not that pretty is to get a larger belly ring as your pregnancy progresses due to your skin stretching.

You might be asking yourself, is it worth the work. I say YES. The end result justifies the process of having diamond belly button rings & looking fab whenever you flash your belly!

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