Make Your Ears Sparkle: A Guide to Diamond Earrings

Brilliant Ear Candy: The Allure of Diamond Earrings

Like all other ear rings, diamond earrings are attached to the ear mainly through a piercing in the earlobe or some other external part of the ear.

Round shaped diamond earrings

The only exception being clip on earrings which clip on to the lobe.

Unlike toe rings, ear rings were traditionally worn by women by we now see them being worn by both sexes in most parts of the world.

Male movie stars and musicians have a particular liking for stud diamond earrings.

Carved images of Persian soldiers wearing earrings on the walls of Perspolis in ancient Persia show that ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body beautification.

Earrings are usually quite easy to remove but they can also be permanent. The permanent ones were once used as a mark of ownership during slavery.

For most of you uninitiated, if you want to wear diamond earrings, your ears will have to be pierced.

The normal ear piercing usually refers to earlobe piercing while piercing the upper part of the ear is referred to as cartilage piercing.

Cartilage piercings are more complex to perform & take longer to heal.

Ear piercing guns are the most popular ways to pierce your ears with the Studex75 & the Inverness system being the most popular. Of the two, the Inverness system claims to be safer as it has fully enclosed earring capsules to protect from possible contamination.

These guns have to be sanitized regularly otherwise you are at risk of getting an infection as its a commercial one and is used on multiple people.

A safer & less painful method is to use a hollow piercing needle normally used for body piercing. This method leaves you with cleaner fistulas that heal better than the jagged holes created by piercing guns, which force blunt studs through the lobes and is used by most professional piercers.

This method is much safer as the needle that pierces you is thrown away immediately after use.

This method also promotes faster healing.


Stud diamond earrings constructed on the end of a post held in place by a removable clutch or back.

A screw back is normally used to secure expensive earrings.

Hoop earrings these are circular or semi circular in design and look a lot like rings.

Hoop diamond earrings

They are often made of tubing with a thin wire attached to the tubing entering the ear lobe.

The entire device works on tension between the wire and the tube.

A special type of hoop earring is the sleeper earring.

They are worn at night to keep an ear piercing from closing.

They are made from a very small continuous piece of gold wire which lies tightly on the base of the earlobe with the ends connecting at the back.

  • Ear Screws Screwed onto the lobe, allow for exact adjustment an alternative for those who find clips too painful.

Many custom jewelers like them due to the many varieties of settings available. Channel setting is quite popular with this design.

  • Slave earrings The slave earring is also called a Bajoran earring, which became highly popular after it appeared on Star Trek.

It is a rarely seen type of earring in which a stud is connected by a delicate chain to an ear cuff or a cartilage piercing worn higher on the ear.

They make great ear rings.

  • Dangle earrings – These earrings are designed to flow from the bottom of the earlobes
    Dangle diamond earrings

They are available in various lengths from a centimeter all the way to brushing the shoulders.

They are commonly attached to the ear by the use of thin wires, which go through the earlobe and are then connected to themselves in a small hook at the back.

You will find several varieties of non-pierced earrings.

  • Clip-on diamond earrings – Clip-on earrings have existed longer than any other variety of non-pierced earrings. The clip itself is a two-part piece attached to the back of an earring.

The two pieces closed around the earlobe, using mechanical pressure to hold the earring in place.

  • Ear cuff – An ear cuff is a curved band of metal that is pressed onto the helix of the ear. It stays on by pinching the ear.
  • Magnetic earrings – Magnetic earrings simulate the look of a (pierced) stud earring by attaching to the earlobe with a magnetic back that hold the earring in place on by magnetic force.
  • Stick-on earrings – Stick-on earrings are adhesive-backed items which stick to the skin of the earlobe and simulate the look of a (pierced) stud earring. They are considered a novelty item.
  • Ear Hook earrings – A large hook that looks like a fish hook that is big enough to hook and hang over the whole ear and dangles.Huggie diamond earrings
  • Spring hoop earrings – spring hoops are almost indistinguishable from standard hoop earrings and stay in place by means of spring force.
  • Huggie diamond earrings – they are quite popular. The setting literally hugs your earlobe.
You can get diamond earrings in any of the above styles.

Whatever takes your fancy, make sure your ear rings have diamonds in them.

For a beautiful range of diamond earrings and to get quality and value for your money, check out the list below for ear rings that will leave you breathless.

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