Luxurious Ruby And Diamond Rings

Show Your Warmth With Ruby And Diamond Rings

Want to show how passionate you are? Try ruby and diamond rings.

Solitaire ruby and diamond ring with side stones

The name Ruby was derived from the Latin rubens meaning red.

Ruby red is fiery and warm. Fire stands for warmth while blood for life...therefore diamond and ruby rings symbolizes the passion and love between two people.


Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, which is in the same family as sapphire.

It’s of the hardest minerals on earth, which makes it great to be set as a diamond ring.

Its hardness is 2nd only to diamond with a mohs number of 9. Pure corundum is colorless; aluminum oxide and Chrome give ruby its color.

Unfortunately, chrome which gives ruby its color also caused it to have many cracks in it as it was being formed in the earths crust.

Due to this, most rubies mined world wide have cracks & inclusions in them.

Rubies over 3 carats that have no inclusions are quite rare and so fetch very high prices at auctions.

Due to this fact, it has been considered as one of the most precious gemstones in the world.

The marriage between diamond and ruby is perfect.

The fire in well cut diamonds complements the deep blood red ruby diamond rings not only look good, they will also scratch less and can be worn daily due to the hardness of the two stones.

Ruby rings can be set in both gold or platinum to show off the color contrast to full effect.

So how truly passionate are you?

Diamond and ruby rings will will bring passion to any woman’s mind every time she looks at it.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one who gave her that particular gift?

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