Green With Envy, Blinded By Fire: Diamond And Emerald Rings

Have A Hint Of The Jungle On Your Finger With Diamond And Emerald Rings

Diamond and emerald rings cause different reactions in different people ranging from appreciation to envy.

The emerald engagement ring is a symbol of romance, rebirth and hope. The gemstone is said to possess healing powers as well as the ability to increase one’s creativity.

Emeralds are fascinating gemstones that display the most intense & beautiful green known as emerald green.diamond and emerald ring with side stones

Contrary to popular opinion, fine or top quality emerald is more valuable than diamonds; its that rare.

The name emerald comes from the Greek and basically just means green gemstone.

The Aztecs of South America regarded the emerald as a holy gemstone. The best emerald is still found in South America.

There are two common types of emeralds: Colombian and Zambian emeralds. Colombian emeralds are mined in Colombia, while Zambian emeralds come from Zambia in Kafubu.

The oldest know deposits were found near the Red Sea in Egypt & were exploited by the Pharaohs around 2500 B.C.

Emerald has been featured in the movies the most memorable being the 1984 Romancing The Stone with Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner & Danny DeVito based in Colombia.

Some of some of the most famous emeralds are to be seen in museums.

For example, The New York Museum of Natural History has an exhibit in which a cup made of pure emerald which belonged to the Emperor Jehangir.

It is shown next to the Patricia, one of the largest Colombian emerald crystals, which weighs 632 carats.

What does this mean to you who are seeking diamond and emerald rings? Well, you are definitely on to a good thing.

Emerald has a hardness of 7.5 – 8 & belongs to a family of gemstones known as beryl.

Traces of the mineral Chromium & vanadium are what give emerald its amazing color.

Flawless emerald is rare & most of it will have inclusions & cracks.

It is also enhanced with colorless oils & resins which is acceptable in the trade…so be careful to ask while shopping for diamond and emerald rings about any treatments to the emerald.

An untreated emerald will be much more expensive than a treated one.Round shaped diamond and emerald ring

The combination of the two gems i.e. diamond & emerald is great.

The fire of the diamond & the luminosity of the emerald are superb!

You should be careful not to be overly physical while wearing your diamond & emerald ring in order to protect the emerald.

Do not clean your diamond & emerald ring in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or cleaning agent.

Since emeralds are often treated with oil, it’s best to avoid exposing your emerald to extreme and potentially damaging heat.

As for cleaning your diamond ring, use gentle soap and warm water; its the safest way to clean emerald jewelry.

diamond emerald rings are often given as a token of love or given to celebrate an anniversary. For some cultures, the emerald engagement ring is also a symbol of fertility.

The most popular styles for these rings are:

Solitaire Style: A single stone in a metal band

– Three Stone Style: A central stone with two smaller stones on either side

– Four Stone Style: A central stone with three smaller stones on either side

The Pros and Cons Of Diamond and Emerald Rings


– Emeralds are very rare and therefore make your ring more special

– Emeralds have been associated with love, fertility, success, and longevity

– Emeralds are also associated with good luck because they were used as talismans in ancient times

– The green color is said to represent nature so it is perfect for someone who wants to be close to nature


– Emeralds can be expensive so it will cost more than other types of rings – It may not be possible to find an emerald that matches the person’s skin tone

– Emeralds are relatively soft so are not suitable for very active people as they can crack easily if impacted by a hard surface

– Emeralds may not be a good choice for the person who has a dislike of gemstones

– They may not be the right choice for you if you are looking for something more traditional or if you have certain religious beliefs.

Where can you get the best emerald rings?

You can buy emerald rings from the following online stores which offer certified emeralds & diamonds ; Kings Jewelers, zales and Jamesallen.

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