Elevate Your Style With An Exotic Turquoise Diamond Ring

Embrace Bohemian Chic: Turquoise Diamond Rings

Women and a few men are choosing a turquoise diamond ring with diamonds being accent or side stones as turquoise engagement rings.

turquoise diamond ring with side stones

Why is this happening?

Not only is turquoise beautiful, it is also uniquely distinctive.

The name Turquoise means Turkish Stone because the trade route that brought it to Europe was via turkey.

It is also known as Callais which is Greek for beautiful stone which is classified as a gem.

It is a natural mineral and one of the most valuable non-transparent stones used in jewelry.

Copper gives turquoise its blue tones while iron gives green colored stones.

Most Turquoise available today is veined with dark grey, brown or black veins.

These veins reduce the value of the stone but people tend to like it as it gives the stone more character due to the patterns formed by the veins.

The most important deposits of turquoise in the ancient world were found in Sinai Egypt but were already worked out or finished by 4000 B.C.

Due to these deposits, turquoise stones have been found in Egyptian artifacts as well as in North and South American Indian treasures.

It was believed to be a good luck charm or holy stone and was widely used for ceremonial decorations in different cultures.

The Persian kingdom including Iran & Afghanistan also have good turquoise deposits.

Northeastern Iran near Nishpur has the best Turquoise in the world.

However, high quality deposits were found in the South west of the United Stars in the late 1800s and production still goes on today.


  • You should be careful when choosing your turquoise diamond ring.

This is because turquoise can change color at 250 degrees Celsius from sky blue to a dull green.

So if care is not taken while soldering the ring setting to the stone, this can happen.

  • Turquoise is porous and is often soaked with artificial resin which hardens it and improves its durability.

Its color can be improved with oil or paraffin.

Due to its porous nature, turquoise can also be dipped in color to improve its appearance which increases its value.

  • Reconstituted turquoise is something else to watch out for; this is where stones are made from compressed crushed turquoise powder and dipped in resin to harden them and help them maintain their shape.

Make sure you ask the jeweler what treatments if any your turquoise has gone through before you pay for it.

  • Since turquoise is opaque, it is not faceted or cut like other gemstones are.

This is because light cannot enter it and thus no internal refraction occurs thus no fire or brilliance is present in it.

It is usually shaped and polished and presented en cabochon or as beads.

  • It can be set in a variety of settings including prongs, channel and bezel settings.

The most popular metal for setting turquoise diamond rings is silver.

Other neutral colored metals such as white gold, platinum or titanium are also used.

Yellow gold is usually not used as the yellow color clashes with the blue tones of the turquoise and takes attention away from the stone.

  • Not only can you use diamonds as accents stones, you can also have sapphires, rubies or even pearls which are also opaque.
  • Turquoise rings require more care than conventional ones.

They can change color due to over exposure to light, perspiration, oils, cosmetics and household detergents.

Also loss of its natural water could affect it.

  • It is advisable to remove your turquoise ring before you wash your hands due to its porous nature.

Turquoise diamond rings are not that common at your local jewelers but due to the mining in the Southwest U.S. the gemstone is gaining popularity.

Online jewelers are a good place to secure a turquoise ring. So for a ring that is stunning and uniquely different, a turquoise diamond ring will set you apart.

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