Secret Of The Pillow Cut: Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

More Facets & Enhanced Beauty Of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

When looking for a timeless and romantic engagement ring, couples often choose cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

The soft square or rectangular form of this cut, together with the huge facets and rounded corners, give it a distinctive glitter and sheen.

We’ll go over all there is to know about cushion cut diamond engagement rings in this post, including its origins, popularity, and buying tips.

cushion cut diamond engagement rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings have been around since the late 19th and early 20th century.

For over 200 years from around 1830, the cushion cut diamond was one of the most popular diamond cuts ever.

The Appeal of Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many reasons why cushion cut diamond engagement rings are so popular. One of the main appeals is the beauty of the cut itself.

The cushion cut or pillow cut in that it resembles a plump cushion or pillow.

The cushion cut features large facets that reflect light in a unique way, creating a dazzling and eye-catching sparkle.

The rounded corners of the cut also give the diamond a soft and romantic feel, making it perfect for engagement rings.

It has a rectangular to square shape, rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance under candlelight.

There is also an open culet (the bottom of the diamond) giving the diamond depth.

Cushion cut diamond rings have about 64 facets; this is 6 or more facets less than the modern rings.

A facet is the smooth, polished plane that makes up a stone’s surface. With lesser number of facets it exhibits lesser brilliance.

The rounded corners of cushion cut diamonds give a certain depth to the diamonds.

This in turn enhances the real beauty of the rings they are set in.

The way these diamonds are cut allows a person to see through the diamond.

Cushion cuts are more soothing in comparison to the modern varieties and look gorgeous at romantic candlelight dinners.

Nowadays, cushion cut diamond engagement rings are more symmetrical than the older examples.

This is mainly due to the development of modern lapidary or cutting skills & better cutting equipment.

There are several alternatives available when selecting a setting for your cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
Your diamond’s brilliance will be enhanced by a traditional solitaire setting, which will keep the attention on its distinctive shine and form.
Consider a halo setting, which encircles the central stone with lesser diamonds for a more retro appearance. Three-stone settings, channel-set bands, and pavé settings are additional popular choices.

The adaptability of a cushion cut diamond engagement ring is one of its advantages. This diamond shape can look stunning in a range of fashions, from the traditional and timeless to the contemporary and hip.

A cushion cut diamond can enhance the timeless elegance of any ring, whether you like a straightforward solitaire or a more complex design.

Working with a trustworthy jeweler who can assist you in the process is essential while looking for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.

Ask the jeweler about their methods for acquiring diamonds, and look for one with a good reputation for both quality and customer service.

You may locate the ideal cushion cut diamond engagement ring to represent your love and devotion with a little bit of investigation and a keen eye.

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