Caribbean Engagement Proposal

My Caribbean Engagement Proposal

by Morgan

caribbean engagement proposal


For my engagement proposal, I took my fiance on holiday to the Caribbean.

Having done my homework before going on holiday, I ensured the weather was divine..Not a cloud in the sky & the sun was gently caressing us.

While there, I planned for a boat trip which included a picnic on the boat and snorkeling.

We got a low bottom boat & sailed off in to the blue waters and watched the fish swim by.

We snacked on fresh sea food salad and sipped on tropical fruit cocktails, life is good!!

We took a break at a reef and I dived of the boat for a spot of snorkeling.

Unknown to my fiance, I had gotten an oyster shell from the chef at the hotel and popped my engagement ring in it, put it in a plastic zip lock bag then attached it to a long piece of fishing line & I was good to go.

I then requested the boat owner to hang the bag off the side of the boat when we stopped at the reef so that it was hidden by the water line.

After about 10 minutes of leisurely enjoying the barrier reef, I swam round to the side of the boat, got my Oyster shell and got back in to the boat.

I then asked my fiance to join me so I could show off my great catch.

I opened the oyster shell and out popped the engagement ring & I asked the question!! Uuuuh.. Need I say more?


May 31, 2011 Creative engagement proposal
by: Tk I like that you thought outside the box. Placing the engagement ring outside the boat was a bit risky but am glad it worked out for you. Am sure the look on your fiances face was priceless. Good one!!!

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