Faux or Fabulous? Navigating the World of Fake Diamond Rings

Why fake diamond rings are nicer than you think

Do you really see yourself asking to see a selection of fake diamond rings at your jewelers? He would probably think you are joking at best & maybe a little nutty in the head depending on how well you know each other.fake diamond ring with trillion shaped side stones

So what is fake? For our purposes, lets say that it is a ring that is not the original article (in this case being diamond) but comes close enough to fool the untrained eye.

Let me say right now that there is no shame in wearing or owning a fake diamond ring. Up till the 1930’s, a lot of the costume jewelry was made of glass or low value gemstones like amethyst & quartz.

During the Art Nouveau (or new art) era that was between 1890 – 1905 some of the fake rings of that period were made to look glamorous by setting the stones in fancy settings so that attention would be shifted from the stone to the settings.

I used to wonder how all those wealthy ladies wore diamonds ALL the time & not worry about security..some of them can have $1 million on them at any given time. Well the secret is out!

They have replicas or fakes made & lock up the real diamonds & only wear them for special occasions.

If the rich can wear them, why can’t you?

Imitation Diamond Rings
When you want to splash out but your budget won’t allow it, imitation rings are just the ticket.

Celtic Diamond Rings
Rings that are as Irish as they come

Channel Set Rings
This is one of the most unique ring settings

Promise Rings
Will you stay true?

Reasons to wear fake diamond rings

You may ask why you would ever want to wear fake rings? If you are asking that question then you should only wear the best and real diamonds are your thing.

However for those of you who are a bit financially challenged (if you were broke, you wouldn’t even consider jewelry) and would like a diamond engagement ring for your fiance or considering a diamond wedding ring for your big day, then fake diamonds might just be the ticket.

Before I forget, please inform your significant other that the ring you got them is not genuine to save yourself a lot of heart ache & mistrust in the future.

If you are both in agreement that a fake diamond ring is the way to go so that you

square shaped fake diamond ring with accent stones

can spend that money on your home, investment or education.

If you are a single lady who wants to look good on a budget, then there is a good selection of materials to choose from.

The best fake diamond rings

CZ short for Cubic Zirconium derived from a crystalline element called zirconium was originally developed as a heat resistant material for use in industrial processes.

This was in the 1970s by soviet scientists & it has the longest history for use in fake rings.
Moissanite known in scientific circles as silicon carbide is another material that has been used for fake diamond rings but only since 1998.

It is a material that mimics diamond more closely than cubic zirconium & so makes better fake diamonds than CZ.

Size for size & quality for quality, fake diamond rings with moissanite will be more expensive than one with CZ.

Swarovski Crystal is one of the most commonly used materials in fake rings. It’s basically really well cut glass from the Swarovski Company based in Austria & founded in 1895.

They are also used in necklaces and earrings & are popular worldwide.

Having said the above, it doesn’t mean that it’s a permanent situation.

Pinky Rings
A classy ring every man should have

Rings Guards
Add more style to your ring

Wholesale Diamonds
Get lower prices

Diamond Rings
What every woman dreams of

Loose Diamonds
Choose your diamond first

When finances improve, you can trfake diamond ring with yellow center stoneade up and get your fiance or wife the ring you really wanted to get for them.

Fake rings can be viewed as place holders until you can present your loved one with a ring with real diamonds.

So don’t skip out on proposing to your lady or even marry them just because you can’t afford a real diamond right now.

You could very well end up regretting it for the rest of your life.

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