Complete the Look: Exploring the Beauty of Diamond Ring Wraps

A Diamond Ring Wrap; A Cheaper Option To A wedding Ring

Have you ever wondered what a diamond ring wrap is?

diamond ring wrap with round shaped stones

It is usually a separate ring that has stones mounted to one side & it appears to be part of your own diamond ring when you wear the two together.

A diamond enhancer usually has one or two small stones that go next to a solitaire & it can be welded to the ring permanently to change the look of the ring.

Diamond wraps give your ring a totally new look.

  • A diamond ring wrap can be used to simply beautify a simple ring.

It is also used to enhance a solitaire ring to give it the appearance of a pave setting, creating wedding ring sets or act as wedding rings worn round your engagement ring.

  • Wraps are actually a cheaper option for diamond wedding rings as they are made using smaller & fewer stones as well as less metal.
  • They are also used as a barrier against accidental damage to outside influences.
  • They visually increase the appearance and size of the original ring without resetting the stones in to a new ring.

If you have been wondering how to make your antique style diamond ring look a bit more modern, then diamond wraps are the way to do it.

This is done by adding a new twist without changing the uniqueness of the older ring.

Diamond wraps fit around your finger tighter than your diamond ring to stop it from moving around & people noticing that’s its not part of your original ring.

The individual details, shapes of wraps & design features vary.

You have different a choice of different metals that match your existing ring whether gold, platinum or titanium.

However some ladies prefer contrasting metals giving the appearance of two tone diamond rings.

There are designs that have numerous small accent stones that add brilliance to the original ring.

You can get a diamond ring wrap that curves in the right way to flow with the design of the original ring & also has a tapered shank to draw attention to the center stone.


  • The most basic is a single shank wrap which goes round only one side of your ring.

This style might have an extension which spreads to either side of the center stone adding accents; the single shank can be worn with solitaires or accented rings.

  • You then have circumference wraps which encircle your centre stone completely. However the wraps setting is purposely off-center to ensure that both bands can fit securely against each other & are exclusively meant to be used with diamond solitaire rings.
  • The most complex of the three are dual shank wraps which by adding bands on either side turn one ring in to three & thus surrounding the entire engagement ring.

How much will a diamond ring wrap cost you? How much do you want to spend?

You can get diamond wraps ranging between $500 all the way to $10,000 for custom designed ones.

Take your time while shopping for a wrap so that it can complement your original ring seamlessly.

I rarely recommend for you to shop offline but in this case if you require a custom made diamond wrap, do visit a reputable jeweler.

This is so you can sketch your design on paper & even on computer using graphic software & have a masterpiece created for you.

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