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  • Protecting my diamond from being swapped

    by Melissa

    Q) My fiance bought a diamond ring with a diamond lifetime warranty.
    I have had it since August. Two weeks ago I notice one of the side diamonds missing.
    I know it can be replaced but I’m concerned to give it over for the replacement. Is there a way I can assure I receive my diamond back



  • A) Hey Melissa,

    Since your diamond engagement ring has a lifetime warranty, you can take it back to where it was purchased & have them replace the diamond for you.
    This might come at a cost since you’ve had the ring for over a month & most jewelers will not replace a side stone for free unless the ring was quite expensive to begin with.

    On the other hand, the warranty might cover such mishaps & you might be required to pay a small fee to have the diamond replaced.

    If you prefer to take your engagement ring to a jeweler other than where it was bought, you should…

    1)Check on the diamond certificate (if it came with one) that all the diamonds are described in detail.
    This should be the case if the certificate was issued by either the GIA – Gemmological Institute of America or IGI – International Gemmological Institute.

    2) If you don’t have a diamond certificate, take your ring to a recognized high street jeweler.

    As them to grade the diamonds in your ring for you and issue a written report along with detailed photos of your diamond engagement ring intact & with the individual stones removed.

    You will have photos of your ring and separate photos of the diamonds on your ring.

    You can then use this as evidence in case you suspect foul play from whomever you take your ring to for repairs.

    3) Make sure the jeweler you take your diamond ring to for repairs also gives you a written grading report of your diamond ring including the diamonds currently on the ring BEFORE you leave your ring with them.

    On the report, they should put the 4C’s i.e. Clarity, color, carat or weight of the diamonds and their estimated cost of your diamond engagement ring without the missing stone (as is).

    This would also act as evidence in case your diamonds were swapped. However any jeweler who will commit themselves on paper will not swap your diamonds.
    The ensuing lawsuit would ruin them.

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