Diamond Flower Ring: Token Of Love And Passion

Why Choose A Diamond Flower Ring?

A diamond flower ring will always be the center of conversation. They are versatile and can be given on any occasion and not just as an engagement ring.

diamond flower ring with accent stones

In the same way that women view roses as the flower of love; how much more the combination of diamonds and roses?

In the recent past and even with some women today, the first rose given to a woman was hidden inside her favorite book or in a folder.

This was to remind her of her first love and that he actually cared enough to buy her flowers.

Flowers still hold the same romantic place in women’s hearts as they always have and guess what, so do diamonds.

Diamond Flower Rings: Their Origins and Meaning

Since ancient times, people have worn flower rings as tokens of their love and passion.

Flower rings have been around for millennia.

Diverse flowers were utilized to send diverse meanings throughout the Victorian period, when the language of flowers emerged as a popular means of expressing feelings; for instance, daisies stood for innocence and purity, while crimson roses signified love and passion.

During the hippie period in the 1960s and 1970s, diamond blossom rings were more fashionable.

Diamond flower rings were a popular option for those who wished to show their amorous and free-spirited character as flower power and the counterculture movement welcomed jewelry that was inspired by nature.

The floral pattern has endured as a time-honored representation of femininity and elegance.

Diamond flower rings come in a variety of designs, with several variations on the theme.

While some designs use colorful pearls or diamonds, others are embellished with detailed patterns. Roses, daisies, and sunflowers are the most popular flower patterns; each has a unique symbolic value.

Daisy flower rings are often connected with innocence and purity, whilst rose flower rings are a representation of love and passion. Sunflower flower rings stand for fidelity and endurance.

Diamond Flower Rings Are Popular

Many celebrities have chosen diamond blossom rings as engagement rings or for special events throughout the years, and their popularity has only increased.

As her engagement ring, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, received a sapphire and diamond blossom band that originally belonged to Princess Diana.

The heart of the ring is a sizable sapphire, and diamonds are set around it in a flowery arrangement. The style has developed into one of the most famous and classic engagement rings in the whole globe.

Another famous person who opted for a diamond flower ring for her engagement is Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr’s now-husband, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, gave her a gorgeous yellow diamond ring with a flower-shaped halo.

The ring’s distinctive style exemplifies the beauty and adaptability of diamond blossom rings while also effectively capturing the spirit of the flower-inspired trend.

Diamond flower rings have been featured in Sex and the City.

This was in the first movie where Samantha was outbid by her boyfriend Smith on a stunning flower ring who then gave it to her.

It was reputed to be worth $50,000 & was created by a Filipina jeweler!

Now that’s romantic!flower ring


Flower rings can be fashioned in contemporary rings, filigree and art deco rings.

In art deco ring, the flowers design can be incorporated in to the metal using gemstones, diamonds and the metal.

One or more flower blooms and complicated vines are fashioned in filigree engagement rings while the knot patterns on celtic rings can be woven together to mimic flowers.

Alternatively, small flowers can be engraved on the outside of the ring.

The most popular setting for flower rings is the prong setting.

This is because it enables diamonds and gemstones to be placed inside the flower petals securely.

This is doubly so when roses or a closed petal design is being used on a diamond flower ring.

Bezel settings can be used when you require a smooth or engraved surface for flower petals on a ring.

Channel settings can be used to represent leaves or the flower stalk.

As far as metals are concerned, different ones are used together to emphasize different details on the flower rings.

Rose gold is used quite extensively as it is great for highlighting petals while platinum and white gold are preferred as base metals as the offer a neutral background on which to base the ring design.

Birthday, anniversary, and graduation presents are all perfect occasions to give diamond flower rings. Due to the significance of a flower blossoming, which symbolizes development and new beginnings.

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