Diamond Certificate: The Value of Verification

Your Diamond’s Story, Unveiling the Importance of Certificates

Claim Ownership Of Your Ring With A Diamond Certificate

A diamond certificate is a report that give you valuable information about the 4 C’s i.e. its color, clarity and carat which will influence its cost.

The certificate should be issued by an independent third party such as a gemological institute or an independent reputable gemologist who should be a member of a gemological institute.

It looks somewhat like the one below.

GIA Diamond Certificate

Until recently, most people had no idea that certificates for diamonds even existed.

They went to a jeweler; choose a diamond or a finished ring, paid for it and that was that.

You should not accept IN HOUSE certificates i.e. those generated by the Jeweler as they will most likely be biased.

They are in business after all and will give their diamonds the best possible rating.

The certificates should come from independent organisations like the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemmological Institute (IGI) the oldest institute of its kind in Antwerp, European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL) or GemScan International based in Canada.

What should i look for in a diamond certificate

The most important thing to look for in a diamond certificate is consistency in grading. It should be consistent with the grade given by other grading labs and independent gemologists.

The GIA certificate is the most widely recognized and trusted grading lab in the United States.

When a diamond certificate contains grades that are identical to those given by another lab or independent gemologist, this provides excellent assurances of quality.

These certificates are very important as shown below;

  • They clearly point out what characteristics your diamond has.

This in turn tells you if you are getting value for money.

You could end up paying a lot of money for a low quality diamond especially if you are in the high price end of the market.

  • If your diamond ring was stolen (God forbid) & recovered (Thank God) & the police asked you to claim it, you’d need a certificate to identify it.

Without one, you might end up buying it back at the police auction if you are lucky.

  • Jewelers are human & they could get your diamond mixed up with one of lower quality if for example two similar diamond engagement rings were being repaired.

If they gave you one of higher quality, you would take it back. Right?

The only way to prove which diamond belonged to who would be with a diamond certificate.

To learn more about certificates, you can go to the following site; Gemmological Institute of America.


International Gemmological Institute

European Gemmological Laboratory

GemScan International

How Diamond Certificates Can Improve the Buying Experience for Consumers

We have established that the diamond certificate is a document that verifies the authenticity of a diamond and its value. This certificate of authenticity shows the name, company, and country where the diamond was mined. It also gives you a quality grade for each.

  1. A certificate of authenticity jewelry will help you in determining the quality of the stone and its worth. It also helps you to avoid being cheated by the jeweler or jeweler’s assistant who might try to sell you low quality or even fake diamonds.
  2. The certificate will also help you in negotiating with the jeweler on price as you’ll know the exact value of what you’re buying.
  3. Take in to consideration that generally, the larger the stone, the higher is its value and hence, it should be priced accordingly.
  4. You can’t afford to take chances buying high priced diamonds without a diamond certificate available.

5 Ways to Buy a Diamond With a Certificate of Authenticity

Buying a diamond without certification is a risky business. So how can you buy a diamond with certificate of authenticity?

1. Purchase from a brick & mortar retailer who offers GIA, AGS, or EGL certificates of authenticity

2. Purchase from an online retailer who offers GIA, AGS, or EGL certificates of authenticity

3. Purchase from an authorized merchant who offers GIA, AGS, or EGL certificates of authenticity

4. Purchase from an authorized diamond merchant and then have the diamond evaluated by one of these three organizations for your own peace of mind

5. If you are purchasing online and the company does not offer any kind of certificate of authenticity then be sure to get it in writing that the company will refund your money if the stone does not turn out to be what it is

Conclusion- Should I Buy Jewelry With or Without A Certificate?

Buying a diamond without a certificate can be risky.

You’ll need to make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer who will allow you to return the diamond if there are any issues with it.

If you’re looking for jewelry, it’s important to know what you’re buying and where it comes from.

Buying without a certificate can be risky, so make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer who either has diamond certificates or will allow returns if there are any problems with the diamond or diamond ring.

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