Canadian Diamond Rings: Responsible Luxury

Canadian Diamond Rings Have Polar Bears

There has been a steady growth in the demand for canadian diamond rings.

This has mainly been because they are high quality & can be distinguished from conflict diamonds. We’ll look in to this a little later.

Round shaped canadian diamond rings

Choosing a diamond ring can be thrilling and intimidating when purchasing an engagement ring or other special occasion jewelry.

Canadian diamond rings provide a distinctive and lovely option that stands out from the competition for those who value moral and environmentally friendly choices.

Canadian diamond rings: what are they?

First it was the gold rush in the 19th century when droves of mainly men headed North to Dawson City to make their fortunes.

I can tell you not many got rich but that’s a story for another day.

Now its diamonds which were first discovered in the Northwest territories in 1991 & in the recent past in Nunavut which started diamond mining in Canada.

These mines are run by Canadian mining firms that follow tight labor and environmental laws, including pledges to protect the environment, advance worker safety and health, and aid indigenous people.

By 2003 these amazing discoveries and their exploitation had catapulted Canada to the 3rd largest diamond producer in the world in terms of value.

This means that for every given weight of diamonds say 1,000 carats there will be a higher percentage of gem quality diamonds as opposed to industrial diamonds.

Canada only lags behind Botswana & Russia.

There are 4 main diamond mines from which canadian engagement rings get their stones.

The Ekati, which is about 300 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife opened in 1998.

The The Diavik, about 100 kilometers southeast of Ekati.

Jericho is another about 400 km northeast of Yellowknife and finally Snap Lake-4 in the Northwest Territories about 220 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife.

For those of you wondering where the North West territories are, they are near the Yukon.

Information from a Statistics Canada paper says that within a 4 year period between 1998 & 2002 about 13 million carats (that’s a lot of diamonds) were mined with a value of about $2.8 billion.

Canadian diamond jewelry is defined as diamond jewelry that was mined and processed in Canada while adhering to moral labor norms.

Canadian diamond rings’ benefits

The ethical and environmental sustainability of Canadian diamond rings is one of its main features.

The effects of diamond mining on communities and the environment, including problems like forced labor, water pollution, and land displacement, worry a lot of people.

However, strict regulations that aim to limit these effects and guarantee that employees are treated fairly and respectfully are applied to Canadian diamond mining operations.

Canadian diamond rings are renowned for their exceptional quality and value in addition to their ethical advantages.

Most people agree that Canadian diamonds are of a high caliber, with superb clarity, color, and cut.

Additionally, they are prized for their distinctive and lovely designs, which frequently incorporate avant-garde settings and alternative metals. Finally,

Canadian diamond rings are traceable and certified, so customers can be sure of the diamond’s authenticity and place of origin.


How do you identify Canadian diamonds rings? The diamonds are each etched with a speck of polar bear as a trademark; how cool is that?

I mentioned earlier about blood diamonds.

Well, Canadian diamond rings contain diamonds whose sale doesn’t promote terrorism & finance wars like in the DRC (Democratic republic of Congo).

These qualities have made them fashionable & celebrities like Avril Lavingne have been spotted promoting Canadian diamonds.

With the current reserves available, there should be a steady supply of Canadian diamonds at least for the next 12 years.

You can be assured of getting Canadian diamonds for a long time to come.

Purchasing Canadian Diamond Rings

There are a number of considerations to make if you’re thinking about purchasing a Canadian diamond ring.

or those of you who don’t know, Canada is not a cheap place to live.

Anyone working in the diamond industry in the developed world gets paid well; in Canada, more so!

The average salary is $63,000 per year while diamond cutters command over $100,000 per year (good work if you can get it)!

Diamond mining in Canada has also created a lot of jobs in housing, food & catering industry and infrastructure like road building.

So what does that have to do with you?

Well, its just a primer to let you know that Canadian diamonds may not be the most competitive price wise in the market.

All those hefty salaries have to be earned back.

Also its to show you that Canadian diamonds are actually mined in Canada & are not imported from other countries and re-named when they get to Canada.

A diamond should be chosen first and foremost based on its 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Finding a trustworthy jeweler that can give certification and traceability for your diamond is crucial when purchasing a Canadian diamond ring.

Additionally, you might want to think about working with a jeweler who can design your ring in accordance with your unique tastes and preferences.

When purchasing Canadian diamond rings, price is yet another crucial factor.

Canadian diamonds can be more expensive than other diamond selections, while being usually regarded as being of good quality and worth.

Set a reasonable spending limit for your engagement ring and comparison shop to get the greatest offers. You might also want to think about layaway or financing options, which can make your ideal ring more reasonable.

Canadian diamond jewelry maintenance and care

Once you’ve decided on and bought your Canadian diamond ring, it’s crucial to maintain it properly to preserve its beauty and longevity.

Avoiding exposure to chemicals and excessive temperatures, keeping the ring in a secure location, and cleaning it frequently with mild soap and water are just a few general guidelines for caring for diamond rings.

Making sure the ring is constructed of a strong, high-quality metal, such platinum or 18K gold, can help preserve the diamond from harm and is a specific maintenance step for Canadian diamond jewelry.

To make sure that the diamond is held securely in place and that the metal and setting are in good condition, you might also want to think about having your ring frequently inspected and maintained by a professional jeweler.

For Canadian diamond rings, repair and maintenance options may include procedures like polishing and re-plating, as well as diamond replacement or repair in the event of damage or loss.

Work with a reputable jeweler who can offer these services and who can provide proof of their accomplishments and services.


For engagement rings and other significant events, Canadian diamond jewelry provide a distinctive and moral option.

Canadian diamond rings are a lovely and significant way to demonstrate your love and devotion because of their excellent quality, distinctive designs, dedication to sustainability, and fair labor methods.

If you have a passion about human rights & prefer quality over cost, Canadian diamond rings are right up your ally.

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