A Proposal Checklist: Before Asking The Big Question

On most occasions, buying a diamond ring leads to a marriage proposal! A proposal checklist is a very important step in every relationship that can change your life.

For something so important, you need a plan to make it thoughtful and memorable as possible.

Even if you want to plan a more casual proposal, some planning will be involved! Where will you go?
Is it a romantic date? Is someone going to be there to take pictures?

Besides the engagement ring, there are plenty of other things to plan out including the location and speech.

Using this guide, you will have everything you need to plan out a meaningful proposal for your partner!


A Proposal Checklist

Stay On Budget

Staying within your budget is going to be very important throughout the whole wedding process so it’s a great idea to start now!

Don’t get too ahead of yourself, but there is a great deal more to pay for while planning a wedding.

It’s a good idea to choose how much you would like to spend and then stick to it.

You can then choose the engagement ring and begin to plan how you want to propose.

If you want a professional to photograph the moment then look into wedding photographers that package engagement sessions and the wedding together!

This will help you save money and get beautiful photos of the proposal.

Choose the Right Engagement Ring

With the popularity of unique engagement rings, there are so many different options out there! You may be thinking that picking out a diamond engagement ring will be simple, right?

It can be if you have the right resources. The diamond will be the most expensive part of the engagement ring, but don’t let that scare you!

They’re expensive, but completely worth the investment and your partner’s reaction.

To know if you’re getting the right diamond, you need to know the 4 C’s. If you’ve already started researching, then you’ve definitely heard that phrase!

The 4 C’s are cut, color, clarity, and carat. Each of these describe an important part of what makes a beautiful, quality diamond.

Cut and color are the most significant factors because they directly affect how brilliantly the diamond will shine.

Color is defined by how little color the diamond has. If you’re looking for a colored diamond, like pink or green, then that is a different story!

A lowly rated diamond in color will be off white or yellowish.

If you are totally lost when it comes to diamonds, then you can rely on a jeweler or a diamond rating scale like the GIA. No matter what, your partner will love their gorgeous engagement ring!

Practice Your Speech

Besides the engagement ring, the speech is most important part of the proposal.

Everything else just creates a mood or makes the moment more special, but the actual speech is how you will ask your significant other to marry you.

You might be confused about what to say (other than “will you marry me?”), but everything will be fine as long as you are sincere and open! If you’re nervous, then keep it simple.

Tell your partner what they mean to you and why you want to spend your life with them.

You can talk about important moments in your relationship when you knew you fell in love. In the moment, you may get nervous so practice your speech a couple times in the mirror so you don’t have to search for words!

Personalize the Moment

There are so many ways to propose so keeping it personal and unique to yourself and your significant other is crucial.

Whether you personalize the speech (telling a funny story or writing a poem) or the location, keep it real.

There are a lot of proposal planners that can help you plan with generic packages, but those seem ordinary.

Taking the time to plan something for your fiance-to-be will make the moment so much more special for the both of you.

Really think about what your partner would want! It will be okay if that involves a romantic dinner because that’s what will make them happy.

Choose the Right Location

If you’re looking to take photographs of the proposal moment, then you need to find a place that is gorgeous.

If you and your partner are homebodies then find somewhere in your hometown that is beautiful!

Traveling or going on vacation is a great way to make your proposal even more memorable and to take beautiful photos.

If you love to hike as a couple, then go up to the top of a mountain and pop the question!

Time of day is also a good thing to consider. Do you want a beautiful sunset photo? Then you’ll have to plan out the proposal moment to that exact time of day.

Stay Calm

With all of the planning, it can be easy to be overwhelmed.

Don’t let anything phase you! You know that your partner loves you no matter what.

You’ve been building up the proposal so just take a deep breath.

Be confident in the location and the engagement ring that you picked and your connection with your significant other.

You know them the best and know exactly how they’d like to be romanced so don’t doubt yourself. In spite of everything, you love each other and want to spend the rest of your life with each other.

A proposal checklist will make your big day run smoothly. I hope this one will do just that.

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