A Diamond is Forever; Choosing Right

Undoubtedly, a diamond is forever!

A diamond is forever. How many times have you heard that phrase?

Its true, a diamond is forever

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself what it truly means?

De Beers unknowingly sparked a revolution in the diamond industry with their diamond campaigns. Their renowned tagline, “A diamond is forever,” coined by Frances Gerety, a young copywriter at N.W. Ayer advertising agency, alongside their powerful advertising techniques created a deep-seated desire for diamond engagement rings, transforming it into a necessity.

The company’s marketing strategy was designed to establish an unbreakable connection between diamonds and love, positioning diamonds as the most romantic gift a man could give to his beloved.

In a 1977 De Beers commercial, a couple is shown on a beach, filmed in black and white, with a setting that resembles the luxurious Hamptons or Cape Cod, symbolizing wealth and status.

The only element in color is the gold solitaire diamond ring, a De Beers ring, which the man presents to the woman in a proposal.

The narrator then says, with the words appearing on the screen, “How else could two months’ salary last forever? A diamond is forever. De Beers.”

They not only romanticize the need for a diamond in great detail, but they also assign a price to it. Men are encouraged to spend two months’ worth of salary, while women are led to believe that this is the key to a happy engagement and a successful relationship.

They targeted existing diamond customers in an attempt to discourage them from putting their old diamonds onto the secondary market, thus reducing competition for the new diamonds.

Savvy yes and it kinda stuck. They used our emotional attachement to things especially those that belong to loved one to make us hold on to our old rings.

The flip side of that is that those rings began to to passed on generationally. One of the most precious things you can give a bride to be is a ring that belonged to your mum or grandma.

You basically give her part of yourself and of your family! That is why any woman worth her weight in tears will shed a bucket full if you propose using one of those family heirlooms.

Is there more to it than meets the eye?

Kick back and let me take you on a short journey.

Diamonds were created deep in the earth’s crust over millions of years under very high pressure and temperature.

They were then pushed to the surface due to volcanic eruptions.

Diamond is the hardest substance know to man.

It takes one diamond to cut another. What that means to you is that it will not break or crack unless you take a hammer to it….you won’t do that just to prove me wrong will you?

Since the early 1900’s people have been wearing diamonds and two centuries later, we are still wearing them.

I’ll be so bold as to state that in another two centuries, your great grand children will still be wearing diamonds….so truly, a diamond is forever.

The fact is, diamonds represent longevity, beauty, strength, love and health. Due to this, i don’t see a future where we won’t be proposing with them or even wearing them as jewelry.

In 1919, a very clever man by name of Marcel Tolkowsky calculated a symmetrical diamond cut a variation of which we still use today.a diamond is forever02

This man was a genius. A perfectly cut diamond is able to reflect light such that it gives the impression that its on fire.

Since then, diamonds have featured in engagement rings , wedding rings and even

I would suggest looking at your diamond and diamond rings not only as jewelry but as long term investments as well.

Since diamonds have not been know to devalue, you know that in case of any unforeseen circumstance, you have some diamonds to fall back on.

They are as good as money in your pocket or on your finger if you wear your diamonds on a ring.

Also, your grandchildren don’t have to buy new diamond rings in the year 2070.

You can leave yours’ behind as a legacy and they in turn can pass it on to their children.

So in whatever which way you look at it……a diamond is forever.

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